Concord & 9th - Poinsettia Quilt Top

 Hello and welcome! 

Today's card was made during my FB live yesterday. 

I'm using the Poinsettia Quilt Top Die set from . I started by cutting out the quilt die, then the pieces for the quilt.  I used various colors of my cardstock from C9. When I went live, I put the die together, then the sentiment.  I had been looking at the shape of the quilt and decided to do a side flip card.  So the Poinsettia Quilt layer opens, to see the sentiment under it. I also added a second layer of the quilt die base under it to hide the hinge and prints from the Be Merry Patterned Paper to cover the other side of the hinge. The base card is still open for a personal message.  Below are additional photos of how today's card looks when it opens to each layer. 

Open to the sentiment and the backside of the Poinsettia Quilt die.

A standing look at the different layers including part of the sentiment. 

The top fold  cardbase with side open view. 

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